Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reasons why I love GE: part the second

I always, always have fun going to Cite de Reboldoeux. And it's not just necessity, as that's where most families begin their pioneer journey; or nostalgia; or because the fancy-dress and -armor shop is there [hello, Andre Janzur].

Nope, I keep coming back to the first town because standing near the exit to the Queen's Garden is my most favorite RNPC in the whole game.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Panfilo de Narvaez.

And here are the reasons why this guy might just be the first NPC I fangirl just as hard as the regular storyline characters.

1. He's a cook.
I love everything to do with food, and there are some people who work in the food industry whom I might as well be in love with. Noted celebrities like Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, the late and great Julia Child, the formidable Jacques's a fairly long list and these people have one thing in common: they are all seriously in love with food.

Panfilo shows that same passion, and the following items, I hope, will make that clear.

2. He has a blue-checked apron.
Out of all the fashion quirks in the game, from Andre's white outfit to M'Boma's hair to what seems to be the permanent shiner on Claude's face, Panfilo's blue-checked apron is the one that never fails to draw a smile from me.

3. He has sensible, wonderful dialogue.
Try clicking on him when he has no pending quests, and more likely than not he's going to say something like this:

"Have you eaten yet? You shouldn't go exploring on an empty stomach!"

Not only does this snippet of dialogue show me that the man cares about my characters' well-being, it also kind of makes me wish he would actually offer them something free to eat. Some kind of game exploit that would be! Free food and sweets for everyone!

4. He's a funny guy.
What does he do while he's helping you complete quests for other people? He sings these crazy little cooking ditties!

And if he's not singing, he comes up with something like this:

"...For I am Narvaez. Panfilo, de Narvaez."

James Bond never, never had it so accidentally funny.

5. He cooks in order to make people happy.
When you start doing quests with him, he tells you that that's pretty much his avowed purpose in life. And it's that same passion for which he's apparently become renowned throughout the New World - because even the proud Absinian M'Boma is already aware of his reputation for creating good food for all.

6. He helps other characters.
There are at least two characters in the game who owe him some part of their happiness - the aforementioned M'Boma, who for his first quest with you commissions a dish of Percha Inzella [octopus legs]; and Andre Janzur, who receives a plate of Pure White Food [carbonara] after his momentary madness over Dilos Lantemn.

7. He insists on quality.
Panfilo makes your family work for the food he makes! He knows where to get the best of everything, from pasta and cheese to Boar's Meat and Octopus Legs, and he does not hesitate to have someone get the ingredients for him.

Think of it this way: your family gets a crash course in food prep a la GE, pumps up its Experience, and even gains Reputation a lot more quickly!

8. He has a funky stance.
When you finally do get him to swear allegiance to your family, Panfilo brings a memorable stance along with him: Fire guard, which requires the most unusual combination of a proper sword AND a Bracelet of Fire!

Gives you a reason to stockpile the good ones you find on your hunts, doesn't it?

And that's why I'll be more than willing to save space in my Barracks for this cool, interesting RNPC!


Anonymous said...

I am so so so sad that GE is not launch til May. I cannot wait...I cannot eat...I cannot sleep (drama).

I like your story on Panfilo. You write very well. Please write more on GE so that I have something to live for until May.

NineMoons Family said...

hey, thanks for coming here and leaving a comment~!

i will do my best to keep writing and spread the word about GE, you can be sure of that ^^

i can't wait for May too - i hope to see you there!