Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Finally back in the game....

And I really have to say, I love this community.

Over the past few days I have:

Finally made in-game contact with two people whom I've been exchanging emails and comments with (Alastor and Thoraine).

Inquired after Hrin's health (she says there's just a little cough left from the flu.)

Greeted Voyage on his birthday.

Ventured into Tetra Golden Road and, to my surprise, found out that I didn't need a key to enter the Antiquities Room!

NineMoons starts Tetra Golden Road
At the entrance to the Golden Road, with weapons at the ready.

NineMoons in Tetra Antiquities Room
Inside the Antiquities Room, about to shoot a Box. Starting to think it triggers the appearance of an Elite Visage Rouge and its entourage....


Items and observations:

- Guava restores 600 points of HP. I'm assuming there's a "Good" version, which restores 700 points.

- Orb of Fortitude / Fortification: Grants DEF + 5 for 30 seconds. Does not stack with either Orb of Intense or Orb of Resistance.

- Pineapple restores 50 points of SP.

- A locked "Gate of Avernus" in the Tetra Golden Road? "Avernus" was used as the name of the lake that was an entrance into the underworld in Virgil's Aeneid, and has become one of Hell's names. Is this where the Treasure Golem and Sorceress Cherlyn now make their lair?


Just finished off the weirdest room EVER in Tetra Catacombs: third to the last room, containing - when I got there - fellow Æphemeral member Rydralle, a huge mob, and BOTH Pollux and Seigmund.

@.@ Aieeeeeeeeeee!

So I tried to do some crowd control, but Chimal wasn't fast enough, and I quickly went down for the count. Luckily, another faction member, Dalmacus, saved our collective bacon by showing up, and finally, all three of us stood victorious.

Thanks for the awesome, guys!


4000+ HITS and still climbing!

Thank you all, so much!

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