Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh good grief.

If your blood boils at the sight of the server broadcast at the top of the screenshot - welcome to the side of the angels.

Please consider this my part of the effort to root out the insidious and game-spoiling plague that has beset it - the plague of the gold-farmers.

This particular screenshot was taken in Cervantes server, and boy, I had half a mind to hunt down that family, challenge them to PK, and attempt, at least, to beat down their collective keisters.

If you support the campaign against the gold-farmers in Granado Espada - give me a HELL YEAH.

EDITED TO ADD: I decided to take the screenshot out after coming across a neat comment in the forums that ran along the lines of "don't give the gold farmers any more advertising".

In any case, I think everyone's seen the ads over the past few days. And we should all keep pulling together to make sure these farmers are soon banished from our New World.


filsimmer said...

God, I saw that announcement too! They have some nerve in posting that up!

By the way, Granado Espada has been included in numerous MMORPG services sites already! Let's do our best in stopping such activites!

Wait a sec... Does this mean you're from the Carracci server?

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

thanks for sharing my enthusiasm about stopping these people - they could potentially ruin Granado Espada and, I hope, that is something that no one wants to happen at all.

to help, please be vigilant in filing reports with the server team. there are several threads on the forums for that.

re the server - my main server is actually Cervantes. that's my main NineMoons family in the screenshot. I do have a backup NineMoons on the Pachelbel server, which I use for demos, but I really play on Cervantes.

what server are you on, btw?


filsimmer said...


Carracci server. That username who advertised that 500K Vis for $10.99 is exactly the same!

I only play at Carracci server since I've got seven family members already. I better work on my blog right now. It toally needs a lot of renovations! :P

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

A slightly different family name, with the same letters, also flashed that ad in Pachelbel server - so yeah, they're there and they must be combated.

Looking forward to your blog updates!

Silver Countess said...

Hiya, I saw your comment on my blog and just wanted to say thanks for dropping by. :)

I'm a Pinoy playing in Carracci server and we got farmers too there. :(

As for the doll clothes I made, they're for sale in Second Life ( )--the only way to describe it is that if RL was an MMO that is what it would be. :)

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and happy hunting in GE~!

NineMoons Family said...

@ silver countess

I wish I could be part of Second Life, but don't they ask for credit card information?

the farmers are everywhere, and need to be stopped. which is why we all have to pull together to get them out.

hope to hear from you again some time ^^ cheers~

Silver Countess said... they don't. You can make free accounts and I know a few who play without revealing RL info (although that might change in the future so it might be best to take advantage now than later).

Farmers, gah, reminds me of the days in RO harvester least they weren't announcing it to the entire server.

I'm not sure exactly how you can get rid of farmers. I just wish there was a way we could do to stop them from abusing the megaphone :( But I guess a massive abuse report from a lot of players regarding this issue might get iah's attention.

NineMoons Family said...

@ silver countess

But I guess a massive abuse report from a lot of players regarding this issue might get iah's attention.

and that's why I tell people in-game to go to the forums and report such instances, because I know for a fact that the IAH people really are monitoring the forums.

yeah, the farmers were like in Silk Road and many of the other games I tries, Ragnarok being just the first makes me shudder every time.