Thursday, May 31, 2007

The good, the bad, and the just plain nutters.

The good: the NineMoons family on Cervantes has leveled up enough to move to Jezebel Glen.

Family status: Aurana [First Aid / Fortitudo] 30, Tuon [Hack and Slash] 29, Chimal [Psychokinesis] 29.
NineMoons starts Jezebel Glen

The bad: I don't have screenshots of the actual monsters to prove it, but people are telling me that this is happening not only in Tetra but also in Porto Bello, in Cervantes server.

Just what, I wonder, were the players who unleashed a Victor [Lv. 6x] in Tetra Golden Road Channel 2, AND a Thoroctomy [Lv. 100 WTF?] in Tetra Golden Road Channel 1, thinking? Good grief, if that's not griefing, I will never know what "griefing" IS.
NineMoons announces Tetra Golden Road problem

The just plain nutters: the NineMoons family on Cervantes has a little fun with poses.

This first pose is called, apparently, "An Error Gesture", or something.
NineMoons goofs off 01

And, yes, the classic V for Victory we all know, love, and most likely abuse.
NineMoons goofs off 02


Happy Vesak Day to all ^^


Jac said...

ahh so superb, you my lady ninemoons are indeed my connection to the new continent^^ fresh young and exciting words that together make poetry and awake my desires to return to gaming as fast as possible^^

wow did i wrote all that?^^ not to spook you just had to say it..thank you very much for my short appearance on your post^^ i'm getting offers on other blogs lol. So happy to see you're going far forward. The monster? its really funny to unleash the in-unleashable over the poor villagers mwa ha haaa.. errm it's quite nice^^

remember you can always edit your cbox to clean out those unpolite mischief makers^^ hmm i think im, something else: when you have master on all hack and slash attacks and you keep leveling it happens..what? you get more attacks? and also while it's tottally unpropper lol i'd so buy your old shiny weapons^^

take care out there^^ untill i can fire the evil across continents

best wishes..Jacquot Alastor

NineMoons Family said...

@ jac

people are saying those monsters were probably there to take out the AFKers, but since not a lot of people can actually even touch those mobs in the first place, I'm beginning to doubt it.

The fact that those Lv. 100 monsters showed up in three dungeons is kinda fishy.

re Hack and Slash: if you max out the stance to 25 - it don't do much, actually. the only way I can push my skills up would be to acquire rings.

re the old shiny weapons: I usually put them up for sale at the Auction House. but you can PM me for them, when you can.


Silver Countess said...

Haven't been playing for a while but how do you summon such high level monsters? Unless it's like the tree stump I encounter in the fields that would give you options to produce monster mobs.

I find those fun if you have a squad and are into mass suicide leveling for fun. But then again like everything else those can be abused to high heck. :(

NineMoons Family said...

@ silver countess

summoning monsters in GE? then you can do the ff.:

- obtain an Amber from a hunt mission. you can summon a monster that you hunted.

- pick up a Spinelle dropped by a monster.

- open a Bellem's Box, which is like the OBB and OPB in Ragnarok, and obtain either an Amber or a Spinelle.

the general consensus seems to be that those monsters were summoned to help clear out the AFKers, but it's not quite as amusing when you're not AFK and you're still pretty helpless against those behemoths.

~~ Dennis *a.k.a* Mav *a.k.a* Castalia~~ said...

Yo NineMoons! ^^

Nice blog ^^ Just wanted to drop a note and say hi to you ^^

See ya in-game ^^

Cheers ^^

Cas ~~

NineMoons Family said...

@ Cas


see you in-game ^^