Friday, May 18, 2007

Notes from the Port of Coimbra and thereabouts

Yes, this means that I finally finished all of the Al Quelt Moreza quests. If there's any business I left behind in Cite de Reboldoeux, that would be the duel with Claude Baudez, the after-level 36 quest for Najib Sharif, and that unusual Hengestones quest from the Office of Pioneering Support, which I won't be able to take until I can deal with Grace Bernelli [and that will be in about 10 more levels].


Current status

Server: Cervantes
Members: Aurana, First Aid+Fortitudo Scout [tanker] / Chimal, Psychokinesis Wizard / Ravashi, Fire Elementalist
Level: 22-all
Location: Port of Coimbra, en route to Tetra Hill


Notes and observations

- Orb of Intensity. It grants the family members a 5% plus to ATK; the effect lasts for 30 seconds.

It does not stack with the Orb of Resistance.

- Finally found the drop that restores SP: the familiar and favorite Black Tea, which restores 25 SP a pop.

- Tetra Hill monsters used to drop Avocadoes as the next-level HP restorer after Mangoes
. This drop has now been renamed to Coconut, and it restores 400 HP a pop.

It also has a "Good" version, which restores 500 HP.

- Warp Scrolls can now be purchased from the Leonardo Expreso guy - finally!

- I picked up something odd in Al Quelt Moreza Arcade called "Mana Stone". No idea how much it restores or how it is used. Thinking it might be a component for item crafting.

- The Phobitans on the Tetra maps drop an item called Cabosse, which is still different from the Cabosse 99% dropped by the Jack Frost monsters. Anyone know what the purpose of these drops are, other than as stuff to sell to NPC merchants?

- As of this writing, I've been on two maps that hold an "Enigmatic stone pillar", which emits "mysterious power". This is likely to be a quest. I've found one at Cathari Falls, and another at the Tetra Hill.

- Speaking of places: on the map of the Port of Coimbra there's a name marked in orange as "Pegadilla". I went there, but there's actually nothing in that location. Possible bug?


More notes in the next few days, so please watch out for them.

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