Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bits and pieces of news re: Granado Espada, this blog, etc.

One of the leading lights in the Philippine Internet community, Janette Toral, is hosting a writing project on her Reflective Thinking blog, in which the objective is to find "new and emerging blogs...making an impact [on] its readers in 2007."

The rules of the writing project are here.

Today, I found out that this blog has been nominated for the first week of the search!

Yes, I'm on this list!

I managed to find the person who nominated this blog, and it is none other than Stephanie Caragos of Cagayan de Oro, also in the Philippines.

NineMoons family: a possible influential blog!

I sent Stephanie my thanks, and now it's your turn: show her some love by visiting her blog - and perhaps I might ask you to continue nominating this blog for that search?

Cheers to Stephanie and to you, my readers~!


The NineMoons family is hereby proud to announce that we have notched up over 2000 unique page views!

Thank you for your support and for keeping up with the blog - I hope I can keep writing up to your standards, and I hope my blog helps you enjoy Granado Espada just that wee bit more!

*bows thankfully*


In response to a request from my fellow Granado Espada player D.Jac:

Suggestion GE Model Figures?

If anyone is interested in having either IMC or IAH market something as shiny as figurines of the Granado Espada PCs and RNPCs, please head on over to that thread and put in your 2 vis's worth.


On an in-game note, however, some sad news.

The experiment, unfortunately, has failed.

I've decided that I will no longer continue with the idea of building a scout-wizard-elementalist team, as there are too many areas in which the spawn rate is insanely high, and while they need to level in those areas, they can't last long enough to make it worthwhile.

So it's back to the scout-fighter-magic user team; I think I'll put the elementalist in this one, as I already know how it feels like to have a wizard.

Now I'm leveling Tuon, the Hack & Slash fighter, with Aurana the scout for back-up, until she makes it to around level 20. And I must upload a picture of Tuon soon because she has glowing weapons!


I've created an all-male NineMoons family on the Carracci server; the members are Musenge, the fighter; Radhanon, the wizard; and Furyk, the scout. I will most likely attempt to have Musenge wield either a spear or a two-handed sword, for a change; and keep Radhanon and Furyk with the same builds as their female counterparts.

That Spartan look is starting to appeal to me, and all the more convenient that this is an all-guys team we're talking about....


Jac said...

=^_^= see now i get to blush, i'm being endorsed by NineMoons Group^^ lol congratulations on your listing i couldn't agree more, i'm this far and im being heavily influenced and active .

why yes i blush^^ many thanks for your powerful broadcast may we all have incredible action figurines that pose so good that andre janzur envies them^^

so sorry your experiment has to end, but you can save the merry memories.


NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

congratulations on your listing i couldn't agree more, i'm this far and im being heavily influenced and active .

I'm glad that I can help you out, and contribute to your enjoyment of the game ^^

so sorry your experiment has to end, but you can save the merry memories.

and the screenshots!

cheers~ said...

Congratulations! I encourage you to join by making your own Top 10 as well.

Perhaps this can be a great opportunity to recognize other new gaming blogs too. Cheers!

Jac said...

wooty?..ehh nine^^ janette is talking to you rite? ^^ hehehe i sure hope so

NineMoons Family said...

@ janette

I'll certainly attempt the list ^^

NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

see the comment above yours ^^

yeah, it's w00t all right~

Anne said...

congrats on the nomination! you truly deserve it! :3


NineMoons Family said...

@ anne