Sunday, May 20, 2007

Picture post: new family screenshots

As promised, an update with recent screenshots.


From left to right, that's Aurana the scout, Tuon the fighter [notice the glowing swords and the Fanatic armor?], and Ravashi the elementalist.


My other NineMoons family, on the Carracci server. From left to right, Radhanon the wizard, Musenge the fighter, and Furyk the scout.


Jac said...

awesome flashes^^ i've been playing some too..but my GE.exe crashes if i stay too long and overcrowded seller's street in reboldeaux...too many ppl!^^

ahh the gaming is so great^^ love the improvements but my..its so much i'm choking^^

aah all i hope is to be good enough to get picked when playing war lol

btw, this being a long shot i extend you an invitation to my blog, not the best reading but i like the arrangements i've done and i'd love to have the chance to enhance your blog^^ with your permission as well..not now but eventually -trust so hard to earn-^^

now i make shadows before i extent this post into my will^^ see you around

Jacquot Alastor

NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

I put your blog on my blogroll just now.

Hope you can drop back in and explain what you mean by enhancing my blog - I'm quite interested ^^

Yes, I will most definitely be seeing you around, cheers~

Anne said...

may i ask how you got those weapons to glow? :3

NineMoons Family said...

@ anne

I got lucky?

I'm actually only half joking. it's easy as pie to enhance weapons to +4; that's the safe limit. after that, there's a fifty-fifty chance of success.

I got lucky, and was able to purchase one sword that was already glowing. I made the other. broke one sword before I got there, though.

now I'm carrying another set of +5 weaps, katzbalgers - I made them both.