Friday, May 25, 2007

A weekend off...

Don't worry if I don't update the blog over the weekend, or can't be PM'ed inside the game.

Yesterday I accepted a Granado Espada-related job, and I've got to write a fairly serious article on the game and the new features. My stated minimum is three thousand words on GE and only heaven knows how many screenshots and sidebars.

This article, should it be fit to print, will come out in the July print edition of Game! Magazine here in the Philippines.

So I'm sort of taking a weekend off from the game and from the blog to devote myself to the article, which is, after all, something that will encourage more people to come and explore our New World.

For the article, I created a NineMoons family on the non-PK Pachelbel server, consisting of Ryaneen the fighter, Ajimbura the musketeer, and Shizumi the scout.

[Not much of a story behind the names Ryaneen and Shizumi - I simply made them up from whole cloth ^^

As to Ajimbura - yes, this name is still from the Wheel of Time books.]

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Don't worry, I will keep my promises regarding the next posts, after the article is submitted that is. I'll be talking about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and how they are related to the mythos of Granado Espada; I'll be discussing a couple of new quests, including the Yellow Key of Ferruccio [level 22 and up, from Box Researcher in the Port of Coimbra]; and I'll put up a mini-feature on the Auction System, as dealt with by the Market Manager.

Wish me luck on that article - I hope I can write it well and I hope it gets published.


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