Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thinking about mobs is giving me the heebie-jeebies.

So here we are, day 2 of no Granado Espada.

To pass the time, I've been playing the game inside my head, trying to foresee all the possible courses of action needed to complete certain quests.

In particular, these quests would be:
- Return of the Cannon-Trooper, the duel with Jose Cortasar and Claude Baudez in Coimbra
- Investigation of Torsche Mansion, the first quest given by Jean-Pierre Gascon in Auch

There are also the optional quests for two RNPCs:
- Adelina's Revenge
- Gracielo's Coimbra Showdown

And in future, I'm thinking about how to start and complete these additional quests:
- Panfilo and his cows
- Lorch and the watch
- Tiburon and his gang of kid thieves
- Najib Sharif and his dyes
- the Torsche mansion quests - chief being the Torsche's Robe for female elementalists, the French Maid headband for female wizards [a friend of mine donated his French Maid dress to me, and I bought a Witch's Broom weapon at the Market], and my STR Catherine

It gets interesting when paired with something I'm currently working on for some friends at university: what makes super-villains tick?

In theory, the raid bosses, dungeon bosses, mini-bosses, RNPCs, and many of the ordinary mobs in Granado Espada might be thought of as super-villains, if only for their advanced powers and skills.

My part of that topic is the witch aspect of villainry, and it really cracks me up when I think of every monster in GE - not just, say, Sasha or Helena or M'Boma or Cherlyn or Summoner Catherine - as witch-type super-villains.

Something to think about while we mentally play GE, waiting on the actual game.

Oh and I've got to download that patch!


Open comment thread: tell me your favorite super-villain! The character can be from GE, or from any other source.

Have fun ^^

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