Sunday, August 12, 2007

Colony Wars update: today's results! Plus a family update!

This week's results.

It looks like the balance of power in Cervantes server continues to shift. Perhaps we might be seeing a temporary equilibrium before the commercial launch and the new patch?

Congratulations to the Factions that were able to acquire and defend Colonies: Dominion, CARNAGE, Yakisoba, Anonymous, and Vradical!


On a lark I decided to try another set of stances for my fighter, Tuon. She's now using a fairly nifty rapier, and is leveling Epee Garde and Sabre Garde in turn. Check out the screenshot:


Family: NineMoons
Server: Cervantes
Members: Aurana, First Aid/Fortitudo Scout; Tuon, Epee Garde/Sabre Garde Fighter; Chimal, ESP Wizard
Levels: 49-all

I'm now leveling this family in Torsche's Mansion, Reception Hall, and with luck I can start amassing the pieces required for the Torsche's Dress elementalist robe ^^ Not to mention collect the body parts for Catherine [I'm making the Strength Cath variation], and collect dress parts for the French Maid headband for my wizard!

I'm beginning to like this dungeon a lot.

Good hunting to all and see you again soon!


Veya said...

we completed the cath! i chose summoner though. XD currently addicted to it~

NineMoons Family said...

I'm going to make a STR cath, and I'm going to have her use Great Swords.

there is nothing more fun than seeing a frail doll swing a sword as big as she is - and be effective with it. 8 str ftw~! ^^