Friday, September 7, 2007

Another family milestone, and an interview!

The NineMoons family main team on Cervantes server makes Level 52~!

[Special thanks to Thoraine for helping me get the last percentage points in at Porto Bello!]

And here's the proof: pretty new armors, hats and weapons!


From left to right: Chimal, ESP wizard; Aurana, First Aid / Fortitudo scout [both now maxed out!] / and Tuon, High-Guard fighter [tanking days ahoy!].


Oh, they grow up so fast~


Over the past week I've had the privilege of speaking with many of the heroes and unique player personalities in Granado Espada, and one of them in particular now gets showcased in this post.

Everyone, meet Mardias, faction leader - and lone member - of the faction OneManArmy.

And without further ado: the interview I conducted with him!

1. your family name and server?
Mardias, Cervantes

2. where does your family name come from? / origin of the family name?
An old SNES RPG title "Romancing Saga". MY girlfriend is a fan of the series.

3. what is the name of your faction? and what is the origin of the faction name?
Refer to my blog for the origins

4. does your faction have a motto? what is it?
My own motto is "The Free Soul - Absolute Freedom!"
And also the Granado Espada spirit - "Freedom, Unity, Friendship"

5. what made you decide to create a faction with only one family in it?
Refer to my blog for the origins

6. please tell us about your experiences getting your faction to levels 51 and 52. how did you accomplish the missions that are needed to advance to those levels?
Basically, I decided that I would need help, but I didn't want to involve it as a faction issue. I made it a point to get helpers helping me at a "personal friend" level. I didn't broadcast to get help like some people do - I just picked from my own friendlist to see who are the strong players who are online at the time. Like I always said, it's not about how strong you are - it's about the relationship you built with others.

- what happened during the mission to get to faction level 51?
Nothing much to mention about GHG - it was pretty simple. I gathered people at Vegas Javier, summoned the GHG, and in a short while it was down. We have about 7 families in the event. We didn't even squad.
Chrysalis was tougher. We wanted to do it on Friday night, after helping Pacardo (Wildboys) and ULA (Calypso) achieve their lvl 52, but it ended up that some kind of a bug happened during the mission and it took longer than expected. The time almost ran out, until I discovered a path to break the bug. But the mission ended late into the wee hours, so I decided to put mine off till the next day.
The next day, as with GHG, I gathered some friends (some of which I just made the previous day, helping them with lvl 52 quest), and went on the mission. It wasn't too difficult, as we had experienced players tanking. Coordination went well, and the mission went on pretty smoothly, did it in one try.

- and what about the mission for faction level 52?
I returned home from my meeting with a client (I'm a financial consultant by the way), turned on my GE, and received a pm from Remington (Wildboys), asking me if I wanna do my faction lvl 52 mission. They already have a large group waiting, haha.
With the experience from the previous time doing the lvl 52 mission, and armed with the research I did from the Japanese wiki on GE, I led the team on the mission with relative ease. At one point, though, the party was nearly wiped out - but we struggled on, and eventually managed to turn the tide. And the rest is history.

7. does your faction have a political party affiliation?
- if yes, then why pick that party?
- if no, why remain neutral?
Nope. I'd always like to remain neutral. That's my nature. There is actually a third party affiliation - the Mercenary - but it seems that it was not implemented yet. I might just go for that.

8. are you planning to join faction-based events such as Colony Wars in the future? what will your faction be doing in Granado Espada?
I have some plans, but for now it shall... remain a secret. Hehe.
Once I achieve what I want to achieve, I might just retire the faction when my girlfriend can't stand the Swimming Float Aura anymore, hahaha.


p.s. How did you all like the fanfiction I put up? Let me know if I should continue with the other sisters! ^^

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