Friday, September 7, 2007

An informal picspam entry: what I did today

I paid a visit to DeSanggria and pCM Veya at their office today. They're in the thick of preparations for the 15 September launch - it's just a week away, woohoo!

I took a few pics of them having fun with some of the props that will be used during the event:

DeSanggria holds up the disembodied head of a female scout in Naranja e Preto clothes, while pCM Veya looks on in astonishment.

My turn with the scout head.

A mini-sized Diego standee.


Today I also received the code for the Divine Angel Wings that I won for being blogspotted, courtesy of RCM Hrin herself, and here's who I gave it to:

Chimal in her winged glory!

And so here are my winged girls, together in the shot:


I'll see you all at Gamefrog tomorrow for the tournament and for the in-game event! ^^


DeSanggria said...

wah! i look like a pregnant walrus. X.X

thanks for dropping by though. had fun with the chismis and all. XD see ya tomorrow!

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

sorry about the photo T.T

see you in a bit.