Sunday, September 2, 2007

Colony Wars update, and some random notes


The results of the first Colony Wars session of the commercial phase, not to mention after the departure of Yakisoba faction.

A relevant question raised during the course of the past week: Who will lead the Royalists in the absence of Yakisoba?

Further, I'm looking forward to how the ChocoPoring faction - led by former Yakisoba members including Crimzama - will do in succeeding CW sessions.

Congratulations to the factions that acquired colonies: CARNAGE, Dominion, Vradical, Anonymous, Fenrir, DarkCrusade, XeNaTioN, WrathOfGod - and good luck in defending them from now on!


Random notes:

- While squadding with my faction leader Harbin at El Lago de Tres Hermanas, we suddenly got Baroned by a wiz-Bernelli-scout team! Harbin and I both asked the other player why he PK'd us, and were astounded by the reply: our attacker thought that Harbin and I were *bots*!

[Thanks to Thoraine for helping us both out~!]

- B> Catherine's pelvis/hips - at a reasonable price, please!

- S> Lisa Lynway, Alejandro, Brunie Etienne character cards [original, NOT mercenary], please PM me!

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