Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Game! September print issue is out...

...and I find myself having a few minor quibbles with it this time.

But first and foremost: my sincerest apologies to La Mer, Lionheartz, and Thoraine. You three gave most generously of your resources to help me write the article: La Mer and Lionheartz allowed me to refer to their excellent guides [on starting teams and complete RNPC information, respectively], while Thoraine allowed me to take a screenshot of some of his characters to help illustrate a point in the article.

I also tender my apologies to the maintainers of, from whom I quoted the basic information on the stock character classes.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, my acknowledgements of their work did NOT appear in the article as it was printed.

Guys, I'm really sorry about the omission. I put my thanks and your names and URLs in a sidebar section, but it seems that section, which I wanted to have placed at the end of the article, was omitted. Please rest assured that I'm doing everything I can to fix this problem.

Again, my deepest apologies.


Anyway, here are the front cover and the first page of my Granado Espada article on MCC combinations for Game!'s September issue:



I wonder when they will have a Granado Espada front cover???


gyl said...

I want a soho and brunie GE cover XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ gyl

I'd like to see an Andre, Claude, Jose, Diego and jack cover - that would give the audience heart attacks! XD