Saturday, September 1, 2007

The point of no return

I have some mixed reactions regarding the latest milestone reached by my NineMoons main team in Cervantes server.

Here are the girls:


Right, so why are Aurana and Tuon saluting when Chimal is not?

Simple. My scout and my fighter have reached Level 51, or what I call the point of no return. No more auto-resurrection for those two - every time Tuon dies I have to hope Aurana can revive her in time, and every time Aurana dies they all have to go back to the barracks.

Chimal is within a hair's breadth of the same level, and doesn't seem to be looking forward to it.

True, the girls are itching to change into new armors, but there's the funny bit about no more auto-revive.....

[Note to self: stock up on resurrection potions and buff items.

Second note to self: Some bots bite back. >.>]


On the night that Yakisoba faction leader Tsubaki bid Cervantes server goodbye, he had quite a funny parting shot to deliver: he announced he was giving away his items in Auch Channel 1.

I was on the scene moments later and managed to capture this through the chuckles:


Hopefully you can make out the Baron red skulls over Tsubaki's characters - they're directly behind Tuon.

Not telling you what he gave me but I can say that he was not about to part with any of his costume items. When next we see him, he'll still be in those bear outfits.

See you around, dude.

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