Sunday, September 16, 2007

Colony Wars update, and TEASER for coverage of 15-16 September launch events!


Congratulations to the following factions: Dominion, CARNAGE, Fenrir, DarkCrusade, TheRepKnights, WrathOfGod, and XeNaTioN, for acquiring / defending colonies!


In other news, I've spent this entire weekend covering the series of events surrounding the Philippines launch of Granado Espada: a press luncheon and Day Raid [plus Night Raid] on Saturday, and a roadshow kickoff event today.

I'll be putting up the coverage and lots of photographs soon, and a lot of shout-outs to people as well!


In related news: who wants a Divine Angel Wings? I've got one up for grabs! Stay tuned for the how and why..... *evil laughter*

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