Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yet another take on the "Power of Trinity" - just for laughs


Or, One of these things is not like the others!

I got my first GE badge, the "official" one on top, at the Closed Beta farewell party. The staff there were giving these away to the people who'd showed up, along with posters; I eventually won a shirt as well.

From time to time I would wear the badge whenever I went out - to university, on dates with my boyfriend, and even to the supermarket to pick up the weekly groceries.

After we bought ourselves the Adobe Photoshop software, I decided to experiment by making graphics for this blog - and you can see one of those up top. That blue banner was one of my first successes as I got to know the software better.

Another of those successes is the badge on the lower left side, the one that simply says "Granado Espada". I took the original graphic from the fansite kit, and just placed it on a plain black background so that it could stand out.

The most recent badge is the one that says "NineMoons Family" below the logo. I got inspired to make that one after realizing that yes, some people at the events did recognize me, but I also often got asked who I was in-game a lot. So I made myself an ID badge of sorts.

I'm planning to wear the NineMoons badge on Saturday - that should make it fairly easy for you to find me. If I decide to be funky and wear a hat as well, I'll likely put the other two on it.

[p.s. I only design the badge graphics, by the way. I take them to a graphics place at my local mall to have them printed and made up into badges. Each badge costs 50 PHP, or roughly US$1.00, and they make each badge in just five minutes.]

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