Tuesday, September 11, 2007

15 September-Commercial Launch; 16 September-e-Games Evolution

For all your information about the Philippines Commercial Launch Party on 15 September, click here!

And as a special service for all you GE PH fans reading this blog, here's the schedule for the events taking place at the event, in an easy-to-read graphic:

This schedule does not include the press conference slated for that same day. But I'll be covering that event and will also be putting up the photos I will be taking.

There's no word yet on who's going to be the guest of honor, but I'll get all that information for you and post it up as soon as I can!

See you all on the 15th, my friends!

[p.s. May I respectfully suggest you all try traveling to the MOA area early? That big mall is holding a three-day sale over the weekend and traffic is expected to be heavy. So come on down early, and not just for the Divine Angel Wings for the first 100 registrants....]


Oh, yes, we can't forget that there will be another event on 16 September, which will also have something to do with Granado Espada: the e-Games Evolution Roadshow.

That article also spotlights GE, as the Evolution shows will help promote the game all over the country.

The kickoff event will be at The Block, SM North Edsa - and yes, your faithful correspondent will, after the excesses of the Commercial Launch Party, be at the roadshow for more Granado Espada coverage.

[And then there's Colony Wars that same night!]

Mark your calendars for this weekend!

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