Sunday, September 9, 2007

Colony Wars update: a fragile peace!

We now return you to your regularly-sized screenshots.
The second in today's series articles; previous was the Liberty's Wrath partial coverage.

The results of this week's Colony Wars session on Cervantes server; congratulations to Dominion, Carnage, Fenrir, XeNaTioN, Anonymous, and WrathOfGod factions!

This session started out on an odd note, though - there were a full five minutes or so of peace before the factions began declaring war on each other and attempting to wrest colonies! Some players even went so far as to broadcast messages that wondered if there had been a bug in the Declaration of War.

As odd as the beginning was, the ending was just as notable - with less than thirty minutes to go, members of Fenrir faction began to broadcast angry messages towards the members of CARNAGE. I'm not sure what set that round of name-calling off, but I hope that the leaders of the two factions can comment here to explain.

Anyway, Granado Espada launches in the Philippines this coming Saturday - and you bet I'll be there to bring you all the juicy details!

p.s. DeSanggria, where were you? Some members of SPARTANS faction were looking for you....


DeSanggria said...

spartans looking for me? uh-oh did i do something wrong? >.<;;

i was at caravaggio btw doing full coverage of adeptasfraternas' first CW as a faction. :D details about that in my next post. XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

no, they were just asking why you were not online...

looking forward to your post ^^