Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quick update while I wait to draw the contest winners

...and also to say that yes, it's my birthday tomorrow. If you read DeSanggria's latest post you would know that already.

And, thanks to Arcleaumont - not only does his latest post show off his elementalist in her School Uniform, but it was also he who reminded me that I should probably purchase my own School Uniform costume for one of my girls.

I took the fighter costume on his advice and here's what it looks like on my Tuon:

High-Guard Tuon, after classes at Fighter School.

OMG she looks HAWT!

After a few moments of incoherent gushing and thanks at Arc he promptly asked for a photoshoot of my fighter and his elementalist - here's the best shot we got:

School friends Tuon NineMoons and Amelina Arcleaumont.

Also in this picture are two members of the Oraif family, friends of Arc's from CARNAGE faction.


Now if you'll excuse me - I'm going to stare at my fighter some more ^^


Anonymous said...

9moons, i think we should get photo 2gether.. since i've just bought my school uni for my musk. lol

Anonymous said...

Jadoel fam ^^, hehe

Ligaya said...

Hax, hindi ako umabot. XD;;;

Hope you had a great birthday! \^0^/

Your girls look fab in their uniforms! d^.~b

NineMoons Family said...

@ jadoel when it's possible ^^

@ ligaya that contest ran for a week...sigh. sayang nga. next time ^^

i spent my actual birthday in-game, then the next day on a date and a party - it was a good time :)