Wednesday, September 26, 2007

[CONTEST] Running tally of the RNPCs Are Love entries

Share the love for your favorite RNPCs! Go read these entries and, should you find yourself so inspired, please write up your own entries and join the blog contest!

Who knows, you might soon be the proud owner of a pair of Divine Angel Wings! Remember, it's a non-tradeable and non-droppable item that grants the character who wears it bonuses of +5% to Movement Speed and +5% to Attack Speed. You can't get this item anywhere else but from the community-based contests, so what are you waiting for?

Entries so far include:
Thoraine's comment on Emilia the Sage, Comment #1 at the original contest announcement
Gyl of Granadosource's comment on Andre Janzur, Comment #6
at the original contest announcement
Craeon of Granado Espada: Not Merely A Hobby. More Of A Passion's entry on Grace Bernelli, My Online Goddess: GRACE BERNELLI
Fiksdotter of Granado Espada: Fiksdotter's Box's screenshot-comics on Claude Baudez, Fiksdotter's love for Claude
Sinborn/Futanari of Sinborn.everything's entry on Catherine of Strength, RNPCs Are Love - Catherine of Strength
Jadoel's comment on Catherine the Summoner, Comment #12 at the original contest announcement
ellipsis's comment on Andre Janzur, Comment #14 at the original contest announcement
PaNeRaI's comment on Grace Bernelli, Comment #1 in this roundup entry


The contest is still open so please send in your entries! The contest closes at midnight tonight Singapore time! This is your last chance to send in your entries!

I'll be announcing the winner of the Divine Angel Wings tomorrow!

CONTEST is CLOSED! See above for the winner!


PaNeRaI said...
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PaNeRaI said...

Hi it's PaNeRaI here.

Hmm I think I'll cast my vote for Grace Bernelli, yea the trigger happy musketeer.

I personally feel she represents modern day feminine. Well she radiates the beauty and sexiness every modern day young girl desires (and guys desire to call as his girlfriend, haha) but then she's not the typical take-me-for-granted bimbo. Instead she chose to be different by breaking the social taboo of "only men can master the guns well".

Despite all these she still has the grace (perhaps why she was named Grace) to speak with humbleness. In fact I kind of find it funny to see her say she's not good at making jokes. It just shows she's not hard up with all the power she has - she's just another humble 'human' in the game, wanting a person of opposite gender to tickle her with interesting jokes.

Haha let's hope I get to join the bandwagon before the deadline.. =p

Kelland said...

zomg everyone's entry better than mine T_T sure lose