Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Starting to think I shouldn't reveal my nationality any more....

The following post has elements of indignation, irony, sarcasm, and frustration.

Granado Espada, Cervantes server, anywhere from 2am-onwards. It is past midnight in the Philippines and the lonely roosters warm up their crows in order to start waking people up for school and work.

If you're still awake, then you're likely to be quietly leveling somewhere, hoping to get a chance at some good drops and some serious EXP.

And then, the outrage begins to assault your eyes.

Server broadcasts full of capslock!of!rage and the word "ASA" scroll up on your user interface; people abuse the "@" in order to type out insults; too much Filipino appears on the broadcasts, and by God I'm not talking about polite language at all.

Certain members of certain factions in Cervantes are starting to take their toll on my nerves.

It's these people who make me sick, and violently apprehensive to reveal that I, too, am from the Philippines, out of fears that other people will lump me in with the tiny-minded griefers simply because of my nationality.

I could name names here, but let me just say it involves certain loud-mouthed players from a few all-Pinoy factions. They seem to spend an inordinate amount of time calling each other out with reams of [uncreative] insults, a never-ending game of the [dreary] dozens that you can almost set your clock by.

There's this guy who seems to be actively competing for the title of "biggest griefer" in all of Cervantes, and his nearest competition are actually the members of his own faction. They PK people left, right and center and then boast to the server of such claimed kills, taking even more pleasure out of deriding others.

Anyone who makes the mistake of responding to them on their own terms - i.e. in the same boorish language - is in turn targeted for repeated PK.

Anyone who makes the even larger mistake of winning - and then calling them out on losing - becomes the target of concentrated verbal abuse all over the server, often in the form of the above-mentioned server broadcasts.

Given it's 2,000 vis a pop, these guys apparently like to waste their money playing these silly little verbal games of one-upmanship, taunting each other all over the Cervantes airwaves, recycling the same old insults over and over again.

No one can even get past the childish words to craft gems of insult; I've never even seen anything that approaches, at least, the amusement afforded by the classic

I fart in your general direction! Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries!

[gratuitous Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference]

Given this ignominious situation, I feel much like this,


wonder where the "Facepalm" pose is, and feel very reluctant to say I'm from the Philippines.

These guys went to One Esplanade hoping for fistfights with rival factions, for chrissakes.

I'm starting to think I should find a way to take out the left-side information display on my user interface, so that when I turn off floating text as well, I will never have to watch this inanity ever again.


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Ligaya said...

Good Lord in Heaven, they make me feel so ashamed to be Filipino... >_<000

Sa tingin mo ba, papatol kaya sila sa ating mga babae? ;3

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya they seem to have shut up last night, long may it last....

pero yeah, may panabla sana ako sa kanila re the launch, pero ayoko lang mapasubo.....