Sunday, October 14, 2007

Colony Wars update: now with more detail!


The results of this week's Colony Wars session.

The War Declarations began about half an hour before the actual session started; and Illuminati faction received the brunt of the early declarations, as they were the faction with the most colonies at that point. Dominion and Vradical factions joined the fray early, as well, with Dominion being among Illuminati's opponents and Vradical going after Dominion.

Fukkatsu faction declared war on Illuminati before the Colony Wars session, made peace with them a few minutes in, and then declared war on them again after 9pm [Singapore time].

Factions such as ReBirth and GrandLodge declared their bellicose intentions for the first time with this session.

Here's a roundup of the factions that declared war on each other during this week's session. The star (*) indicates a truce during the session.

WrathOfGod vs Illuminati
Fukkatsu vs Illuminati *
Dominion vs Illuminati
Vradical vs Dominion
Fenrir vs Vradical
BARNEYandFRIENDS vs Dominion
ReBirth vs ASA
GrandLodge vs Dominion *
ASA vs WrathOfGod *
Fenrir vs WrathOfGod
Eriador vs Dominion *
Eriador vs ASA *
GrandLodge vs ASA *
Fukkatsu vs Fenrir
Illuminati vs Fukkatsu

Congratulations to the following factions who acquired / defended colonies: Illuminati, Fenrir, ASA!

As you can see, Illuminati faction - formed by breakaway Dominion members - has come to dominate the map of Granado Espada, displacing their original faction.

Also, despite the many factions who battled it out during the Colony Wars session, only three are marked on the map as colony owners.


Next week begins a new time in Colony Wars reporting - stay tuned for details!

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