Monday, October 15, 2007

Game! articles: Announcing The NineMoons Interviews!

Right, so hopefully everyone remembers that aside from the features I write for the print edition of local online game periodical Game! Magazine, I also keep a monthly column on its website, called Letters from Granado Espada? [Check out the column archives!]

I've uploaded my October column to the online site, and it takes a new form for the time being. I'll be featuring the Philippines Granado Espada bloggers, basically talking about how they love the New World so much they're blogging about it.

The NineMoons Interviews: Close-up on local Granado Espada bloggers

One look at that page and you know who my first victim was [XD!]: none other than DeSanggria!

And hey, if you're interested, check out the last paragraph of the article:

I’ve got several other local GE bloggers in mind for the next interviews. If you’re a GE blogger or know a GE blogger whom you’d like to see featured in this space, please drop me a line at hisuifox AT gmail DOT com. You can also send me your feedback and comments there.

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