Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colony Wars update: Republicans sweep Cervantes

This week's Colony Wars results:


As you can see from this week's map: in Cervantes server, at least, the entire New World of Granado Espada has now come under the banner of the Republicans. Congratulations to Illuminati and Fenrir factions for pulling off this feat!


While doing the Tiburon's Scarecrows quest around 2pm Singapore time, ASA faction member Esteveste started asking the server if anyone wanted their colony at Pradera de Ceniza. I was surprised and questioned him further via PM.

According to him, ASA faction only had 4 members left at the time of his broadcasts, because the Republican factions were making war on them on nearly every map [ASA was Royalist]. This had the effect of making the members of the faction leave - for other factions perhaps.

That colony wound up going to Vradical for a short while, before Illuminati included it in its long list of possessions.


It was a relatively quiet Colony Wars session this week, with the following factions declaring war:

Fenrir v WrathOfGod - truced near the end of the session
ReBirth v Illuminati - truced, then re-declared war, then truced again
Fenrir v Vradical
Fukkatsu v Illuminati
Illuminati v GrandLodge - truced
Fenrir v Fukkatsu
SkywingzPteLtd v Fenrir


News from ReBirth faction:


As you can see from the status change on the left side of the screenshot, this is pretty much the moment when ReBirth lost its one and only colony in El Tejado Verde. This happened about 20 minutes into the Colony Wars session. Only a few members were able to log in for this Sunday, hence the extremely quick loss of colony buffs.

In fact, at the time of the screenshot I was the one and only defender at the colony. A level 62 family stands no chance against an onslaught of veterans, and I looked like the guy who brought a knife to a gunfight - to put it bluntly, I was overwhelmed in about five seconds.

Afterwards we tried to help Vradical, WrathOfGod, Galaxy and GrandLodge factions hit, at various times, the colonies at Pradera de Ceniza, Rion Prairie, Ferruccio Junction, and back to El Tejado Verde, in various attempts to take colonies back from the Illuminati-Fenrir domination.

The failed attempt at Rion Prairie.

Nice buffs on those flying wizards, though.

One of several attempts to retake El Tejado Verde.

Yes, various factions managed to notch the colony's life, but many of the attempts came too late into the session for any of us to have a hope of actually breaking it.


No doubt about it - this week Cervantes faction comes under the complete sway of the Republicans. Next Sunday should be interesting, as the many Royalist and neutral factions have the coming week to discuss strategy and tactics before launching fresh attempts to take their own colonies.


Anonymous said...

Illuminati is weak. They cannot capture/defend a colony on their own. Fenrir was playing the cards all the way.

NineMoons Family said...

@ anonymous

may I invite you to go into detail on that, please? you're stating that as though it were fact. appreciate it if you could explain some more, if you would ^^

Anonymous said...

Illuminati active size < 45 members during cw.

All colonies lost (and later recaptured with aid of Fenrir) by them, were due to a clash with a faction that has barely an equal active size.

Fenrir had over 65 actives.

NineMoons Family said...

@ anonymous

that IS interesting, all right, and may soon become an important factor in the ongoing colony wars. thank you so much for sharing.

T__T said...

It's kind of sad that ASA members are unable to withstand the warring part of the game.

Even if they are royalist, if there are some sort of agreement between the republican, the republican shouldn't have attacked them? This is disappointing.

NineMoons Family said...

@ t__t

I wish that I too had all the reasons for the change of heart. ASA was formed out of members of CARNAGE faction, which was really active in CW before they disbanded; and Anonymous faction, which was not as active.

Like you, I'm left scratching my head at the reason that Esteveste gave me. I wish he'd had more time to explain, but I think he was busy talking to faction leaders at the time of the conversation that I recounted on my CW report.

Maybe talking to other people formerly from ASA can help fill in the gaps in the story....