Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Marking the holiday week....

Tomorrow will be Halloween here in the Philippines, and people are already making plans for scary costumes and massive overdoses of consumables-of-choice, be it candies, booze, or anything else under the moon. And it's also getting on to the double-holiday of All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day which is when we pay our respects to our deceased loved ones.

So here are a few appropriate screenies for the occasion, starring my Cervantes main team.

[No points for guessing where these shots were taken; if you want to win a prize for knowing the scenery, head on over to Rococo's blog - he's giving away either a Lv96 chip or 3 random Lv92/96 weapons!]

[And for more fan fun - watch out for Casa Reclusion and their upcoming Granado Espada machinima presentation for Halloween, Circlo, coming your way on 31 October....]

Paying respect to the fallen....

Sisters are a great comfort when thoughts become too much....

Trick or treat! [Lv60 and up Uniques and Elites, preferably - or we use all the Spinelles and Ambers we have!]

Be safe this holiday week, everyone.

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