Thursday, October 25, 2007

Picspam from this morning: fun with ReBirth

[A few images, so if you're on dial-up you'll want to wait a little for the fun to load....]

I logged in early this morning for a couple of hours before today's maintenance [and if you're not yet excited about what they're loading, check this entry out], and within half an hour was joined on Cervantes by ReBirth faction's vice-leader estrellante and leader LuckyStar.

Here's the three of us meeting in Auch channel 1:


LuckyStar was actually just pulling our legs with his triple-Auch Infantry team; he had a couple of better teams to show us later on. [I'm guessing he showed us the members of his main team at some point or another.]

After a few minutes, I followed the two to our colony at El Tejado Verde for a bit of a photoshoot, and here's what came out:


This and the following picture should prove to you how rich my faction heads are: that's a lot of Catherines!


After this we managed to survive a Spotlight 3 and a Trinity 3 mission, just the three of us. I brought the lone scout to the Spotlight 3 and managed to keep her and everyone else alive for a while, until Aurana expired within a minute of mission complete. We fared better in the Trinity 3 as estrellante brought another scout to the party, making sure to share the healing duties [though I did most of the buffing].


I also spent an hour or so in Caravaggio and managed to join AdeptasFraternas faction thanks to DeSanggria.

I'll try to spend an hour or two in Caravaggio server
from now on, every time I play. I'm trying out a new team there, which I've never tried before: support scout, dagger scout, and lightning elementalist.


Waiting excitedly on the end of maintenance and the Oktoberfest party tomorrow night... ^^

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