Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Holiday-themed quests, freebies, a Granado Espada weekend in the Philippines, and Colony Wars correspondents!

Reasons why you should log in to Granado Espada on Thursday, as soon as weekly maintenance is finished:

A special Halloween-themed quest! - RCM Hrin calls this one a "special event type of quest issued by an RNPC". She says this quest marks the first time that kGE, jGE, and sGE have an event together. Normally those former two have their events first. This quest event will run from 25 October to 8 November.

[Hmm, we should all work together to write guides for this one!]

Forgotten Territory passes for all! - This comes after the recent server disruptions. The passes will become available via the Leonardo Expreso NPCs after maintenance. It's a gift and a form of goodwill from the folks at IAH.


If you live in Metro Manila in the Philippines, better mark October 26 and 27 on your calendars for lots of Granado Espada fun!

On October 26, Granado Espada and the game shop Gamefrog join the final party of Oktoberfest! You have to be over 18 for this event as it's a party sponsored by the country's biggest beer brand.

The entrance fee is Php100, but if you bring a scratched or unscratched Granado Espada G-Points/game time card, you need only pay Php50 to get in!

Also, bloggers who post about this event are in the running for a special prize from pCM Veya - so bring your cameras and notebooks to this event!

October 27, in turn, will have TWO Granado Espada events on the slate. Game shop Station 168 in BF Homes, Paranaque, is celebrating its second anniversary all day Saturday, and there will be a "Sudden Attack" event with prize money!

[Event details from pCM Veya's blog.]

And DeSanggria and I will be hosting the first GE bloggers' meeting from 1-4 in the afternoon in Ortigas - we're hoping you can drop by and join us there!

[Bloggers' meet details and RSVP here.]


Finally, here's a call to the intrepid adventurers, explorers and Colony Wars participants in all the servers! Join the Colony Wars correspondents team - the ladies and gentlemen of the Vespanola Times's frontline reporters' group, who bring weekly updates on each server's Colony Wars sessions to the public. Currently this group is composed of me, DeSanggria, and the boys of Casa Reclusion, representing Cervantes, Caravaggio, and Carracci respectively.

We need correspondents for Pachelbel and Vivaldi servers really soon - so if you think you've got what it takes, sign up for the war correspondents team!

[Official details from the main site.]

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