Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sights from today's leveling session

I had no real plans laid for when I logged in today. I thought that since I was Level 61 I might try exploring all the 6x-lower 7x maps that were available to my family, and see where they could best survive while optimizing their EXP gains.

The last time I'd logged in was last Sunday for Colony Wars, so I went back there and got a quick screenshot at ReBirth faction's colony.


No idea how much longer we'll have El Tejado Verde in our possession, and I thought I'd better take pics while I could. We're all going to try our best to defend it come Sunday....

Then I took a quick walk through Rion Prairie; I'd had the vague idea of peeking around inside the Rion Corridor. When I got to the dungeon entrance, though, I ran into a familiar family:


Thoraine hadn't been answering my PMs, so I assumed he was AFK. I was just a little bit tempted to mess with him a little, but I figured his Bernelli was most likely capable of toasting my backside, so I left him to it. ^^

Eventually I took a look around Bonavista River, Vegas Javier, and Crater of Joaquin; and I even managed a few kills in the first level of the Prison de Joaquin [which means starting the new Grace Bernelli/Pioneering Office quest]. I might attempt to stay in that dungeon for now, so long as the spawn rate continues at the same kind and LOW level it had when I ventured in.


Today is 24 October - United Nations Day and World Development Information Day.

I wonder if there was ever an occasion for the countries of the Old World of Orpesia to band together against an enemy that threatened all of them? I kind of hope not. The UN was founded to make sure that the destruction of the World Wars would not happen again. [More information on the UN at Wikipedia.]

Think of all the international members of the Granado Espada community and send them all best wishes today ^^

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