Sunday, December 2, 2007

Colony Wars update: was that a CW at all?

The current world map of Granado Espada in Cervantes server. Except perhaps for a slight ruckus in the Rio Albi area [the colony changed hands several times], not much has changed this week.

Maybe people are still trying to absorb the news about GE going F2P? I don't know, but today's Colony Wars session was extremely quiet and actually uneventful.

With those descriptors in mind, here is the understandably short list of factions that declared war on each other.

MaFiaCLuB™ v GuardsOfHonour - truced. This war was declared shortly before the start of the Colony Wars session.
Illuminati v Halcyon
MaFiaCLuB™ v Apathy - truced
Halcyon v Fenrir
GuardsOfHonour v Apathy - truced
Kanak²Riang v MaFiaCLuB™
Vradical v Halcyon - truced. This was a practice war only as the two factions are allied.
GuardsOfHonour V Fukkatsu


Notes from WrathOfGod:

Since we already had three colonies, the faction turned to all-out defense mode for this week's session. Defending squads were dispatched to the Ferruccio Junction, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, and Pradera de Ceniza, with one more squad as the mobile backup and allies' assist team.

I was sent to help defend the colony at the Ferruccio Junction, in normal CW sessions usually the first colony to be hit by attackers. As I was not yet at Veteran level, my primary task was to buff and to revive fallen allies.

CW time came and we all hunkered down, thinking we might get attacked at any moment....

Except the enemy never actually materialized.

With nothing to do for the entire CW session, my squad at the Ferruccio Junction decided to have some fun with all of our ambers and spinelles - by using them all up!

Kickin' it with the Phobitan Chieftains [sounds like a sports team!]:

T-Rex [x2]! We fought at least four of these:

This was the second or third Grim Reaper that got summoned:

Some other WrathOfGod members killed the time by getting in some PvP practice, doing missions, and even Baroning each other. [I saw at least two of those latter duels in my own squad.]

This week was uneventful and we still don't know why. Here's hoping next week will bring some real action.


Shout-out to the FallenAngels faction, some of whose members I met yesterday at Hataw Hanep Hero 2007.


And, because I haven't posted any new pics of my main team lately:


Because I picked up some lovely recipes for VERY high-level polearms, I decided to have Tuon level her Blandir Cruz stance. Since the only relevant weapon I've got for her current level is a Broom, she and Chimal wind up looking like a partly-matched set, especially with those dresses. Those two are pretty amusing.

Next costume change by Christmas with the advent of Bahia Island [yeesh, I have to buy FOUR swimsuits!]; and next armor change soon, I hope, when all three make Level 72.

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