Sunday, December 2, 2007

My take on the soon-to-be-f2p issue

I said uh-oh when I got the news. Here's why.

- The perils of F2P are myriad and EXTREMELY annoying to those who've been playing MMOs for any length of time: bots, lag, bots, exploits, and have I mentioned bots? Not to mention the freeloading griefers and lamers who just take up space. Their rudeness and n00bieness kill the gaming experience.

- Switching gears so suddenly might leave some people cold and others insulted. Either could apply to the players who have made substantial investments for the game's sake, such as LE boxes and/or 1-year subscriptions. Anyone who bought GVCs cannot be faulted for thinking, so what did I buy the game time and G-Points for? Flip-flopping like this, seemingly for no real reason, might even leave some players feeling that they were used.

- How will the game now sustain itself? Must we now suffer the ignominy of advertising? Because that will go a long way towards killing the historical atmosphere of the game, and my reaction to that is, do not want! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

IAH must come up with a proper explanation for their actions. If not, honestly, this tactic might just backfire dramatically on them.


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Danielle said...

Sorry to say but they did follow the GE global Direction and that is 1) have a p2p period then 2)go f2p with cash shop.

Ge has very little in game advertising so far, the bathing suits have K-swiss branding on them and you have to buy those in item mall. The don't fit the general feel of the game but a lot of people like them.

As far as being able to sustain..more or less it will probably carry on like KGE and JGE ... having to pay for advancement after a certain point. Costumes, 100lvl weapons, El armors all require item mall and most of the features that iah announced to soften the blow in JGE they required item mall items in J/KGE so it probably will for you guys as well.

NineMoons Family said...

@ Danielle

the only problem I have is that the shift from p2p to f2p happened much too soon