Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colony Wars update: If this isn't the power of three.....

Okay. Your Colony Wars reporter for Granado Espada's Cervantes server is back in the saddle and ready to dish out this week's results from a wild and woolly session!

Here are the results from tonight's struggles:


One faction that used to hold colonies has been wiped off the map, leaving the allied factions of Halcyon, Vradical, and WrathOfGod to own all the colonies this week.

A wipeout like this did not come easily, though, and a whole bunch of factions both old and new joined the fray. Before the session proper began, the following factions declared war on each other:

CutieGardeN v Illuminati
Cupid v WrathOfGod
Insomnia v WrathOfGod
CutieGardeN v Nostalgia
MyGE v WrathOfGod - truced
CuteiGardeN v WrathOfGod
Vradical v MyGE - truced
Halcyon v MyGE - truced

Once the war announcement went out over the server, the following declarations were made:

Ëxpendable•Ýouth v Halcyon - truced
Cupid v Vradical - truced
DeAthNoTe™ v BlackGranados
Illuminati v GuardsOfHonour - truced
BlackSociety v GuardsOfHonour - truced
GuardsOfHonour v Vradical
Halcyon v GuardsOfHonour
WrathOfGod v GuardsOfHonour
GrandLodge v GuardsOfHonour
CutieGardeN v Vradical

Like I said above: this was one session where everybody mixed it up. Both GuardsOfHonour and WrathOfGod found themselves facing lots of attackers, but there were very different results for the two factions.

IMPORTANT NOTE This list may not be complete; I may have missed some war declarations. If I have, please correct me in the comments and I will update the list, with credits to you. Thanks.


Notes from WrathOfGod:

We had been informed, over the past week, that this session would be important as the leaders had received intelligence that several factions would try to wrest away our six colonies. Therefore, we were required to show up for this session - first time for me since joining last year.

After bouncing between a couple of defender squads, I joined squad leader Inazuki and his team at the Bonavista River colony. Here's a picture of the group as we slowly all got ourselves organized:

Buffs, cannons, and veterans aplenty, oh my.

Within the first minute of the session starting, our squad at Bonavista was hit by a handful of high-powered members of Cupid faction. My team got wiped in the very first skirmish! But our defenders managed to beat them off. The Cupid attackers would return regularly to the colony, managing to hit the pillar a couple of times but mainly there to try and kill us all.

Our Ferruccio Junction and Via Fluvial colonies also received more than their share of attackers - at one point the FJ defenders reported that ALL of Illuminati faction had congregated there, and the Via colony got hit intermittently throughout the session. The FJ defenders suffered under the onslaught of several Vikis summoning their pets [and causing lots of lag], but were able to beat them back with valiant efforts.

As you can see from the list above, we faced foes both old and new this week, and nearly all of us who were online during the session got to fight.

One of the main points of this week's Colony Wars was the erasure of GuardsOfHonour faction from the colony owners' list. Apparently the faction had bolted the alliance it had previously shared with Halcyon, Vradical, and WrathOfGod. They fell short of their goal of snatching the allied factions' colonies away - far short enough that the alliance took all of their colonies instead.

Our share of that came to the colony in Porto Bello Deserted Quay; while Vradical and Halcyon divided the majority of the former GuardsOfHonour colonies between themselves.

The result? A Granado Espada whose colonies are divided equally between three factions.

...Or at least that's going to be the case until the first week of February and the usual colony reset.

Until next week, then, when we find out what happens as the alliance hunkers down to defend the colonies.


Callisto said...

It wasn't Kings Garden.... it was Porto Bello deserted quay.

Just to add, FJ was the most heavily hit within this weeks CW for us, at one moment there was a high possibility we would lose since so many viki's were there when we warped in the lag prevented any characters from moving. (100% lag stun)

NineMoons Family said...

@ callisto

OMG you're right! correcting now!

Deseus said...

Nice war journal here ninemoons :D Been reading up on it.

@Callisto yeah I almost lagged to death when i finally reached there by foot. My fam actually moved to the end of the colony instead of the centre cause of lag!

NineMoons Family said...

@ deseus

thank you for coming by! i hope the archives provided you with much entertainment and information as well.

ehh, viki as CW lagger extraordinaire: whether you're on his side or against him, you're pretty much screwed unless you have a good connection and a good PC, because you're gonna lag real hard.... XD

Goddess said...

u left out a faction, black society... leader gunnerman, black society VS haly, WOG, vrad since last last week CW.... n Haly's gang war them mayb they are afraid of the black society will take over their boss raid loot such as vergo & in Secret temple.

lol.. the last part juz my 2 cent.

NineMoons Family said...

@ goddess

yes, i know that WOG and its allies are at war with the black society faction.

however, these declarations have been in place for the past two weeks.

moreover, it was declared outside of colony wars. as you might have noticed in the entry, i only list the factions that declared war or truced *during* the session itself - the only exception being when the war is declared within 10 minutes of the beginning of the session.

thanks, though.