Friday, January 18, 2008

Getting ready for the Year of the Rat!


Aren't these wonderful hong bao just shiny? There seems to be a contest underway to give these to some lucky pioneers! Watch out at RCM Hrin's blog for the details!

UPDATE There are two contests for the Chinese New Year and Valentines' Day, check them out with their sweet prizes:

The E-Card Challenge! - stand a chance to win 2 sets of hong bao!
Love, Me - stand a chance to win a pair of specially designed GE t-shirts AND a pair of Le Blanc armors!

These contests are related, as you can see from the mechanics ^^

Plus, the much-awaited data on Feng Ling!

I should really pick up one of those rat stuffed toys and dress it up, Granado Espada style ^^


Update: just made 8x today, and I have the armor to prove it:


Family - NineMoons in Cervantes
Members - Aurana, full support scout / Tuon, polearm specialist / Chimal, landbound wizard
Levels - 8x / 8x / 8x

Next goal is 84 - and then all three of them will be sporting nonstandard hairstyles, customization FTW!

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