Thursday, January 31, 2008

A comment on current IAHGames events

So there's a new in-game event called Project Hostile Takeover, in which Level 52 elite equipment and some random other stuff are up for grabs from the GMs - but only if you've got enough Hrin Potions to finance your auction madness.

Not to mention Win a Date with a [GM]!, in which you vote for your favorite GM by deluging him/her in the premium item Heart Chocolate.

Now, I understand the profit motive and that IAHGames needs money in order to keep the game running - but really, we get the hint already! Too many promotions that center too heavily on too many G-Points in a row can be a wee bit off-putting for those who aren't exactly flush with real-world cash to begin with.

Here are my suggestions regarding the overdependence on G-Points - really, IAH must not rely on G-Points alone as a means of revenue. This addiction might turn away new players from the game.

Make the prices of items in the Premium Item Shop CHEAPER.
Because lower prices means not only affordability for the average Granado Espada player, but may also contribute to a rebalancing of the in-game economy, which in all servers is a little too top-heavy at present. That is, everything is selling for far too much because the items are being concentrated in the hands of players who have both money *and* vis to burn. Affordable premium items might help balance that out.

I've been campaigning for more premium items to cost below 500 G-Points since last year.

Plan events that EVERYONE can join in - and NOT just those with G-Points.
What ever happened to the events from the Beta Tests? What happened to encouraging the community to come up with its own events with GM sanction and IAH support? Fine, the upcoming Chinese New Year events won't all be so G-Points heavy, but where are the frequent and fun goings-on in the community? GMs must encourage the players more in this regard - and take the lead in making up G-Points-free events to revitalize and enliven the community.

Consider this a challenge from someone who's hosted a few in-game events already - NONE of which ever demanded premium items as a price of entry, let me emphasize.

UPDATE And after I wrote this entry, IAH went ahead and put up yet another premium-item-eating, game-imbalancing "event". *sarcastic applause*

~rant ends


DeSanggria said...


NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

just here to give a message ^^

Fiksdotter said...

Yeah this time they gave events to lowbie players but with a price of course.

I am not against these events thus they forgot, they still lack on advertising the game. I see more old people than the new ones.

And i second... Amen.

blane said...

Finally some one speaks on gpoints...ahh i miss the old pobt abd cbt days

NineMoons Family said...

@ fiksdotter

it looks like i've just started voicing out the sentiments of some of the longtime players.... maybe if more of us write blog entries about it?

more advertising, less exploiting of the existing players plzzz

Ligaya said...


I'm short on cash and I hardly see places selling top-up cards. XP

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

that's the other thing~ sure, they want to promote the game, but no one has much idea of where to get the cards, which are at least a sure fire way to help promote....

Ligaya said...

@ ninemoons


Oy oy, where can we buy them top-up cards pray tell? O_o Could we PLEASE have one spot here in Makati for them?

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

'fraid you have to ask Anne about that.

alteratively, try the PC shop Phoenix in Makati, which is near the building with the matches on top. they're one of the primary cafe partners, if i remember correctly.