Thursday, January 31, 2008

Level 84 get~

Yay Level 84 at long last! Now I can use that wonderful gift of an Elite Ring Mail, and enjoy new weapons and armor!

Aurana the full-support scout.

Tuon the polearm fighter.

[DeSanggria, I wish I could say she looks like me ^^]

Chimal the grounded wizard.

NineMoons on Cervantes represent~


DeSanggria said...

grats on turning lvl 84!!

envy mode

damn, i've been telling myself a lot of times to lvl my girls in cervantes because i absolutely want to dress up my fighter in that gorgeous gladiator armor waaaaah!!!


NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

eye candy much? level ka na kasi ^^

pinoygameguru said...

whew! sexy girls. lolz!

NineMoons Family said...

@ pinoygameguru

hey~ you're back [?] ^^