Thursday, March 6, 2008

A toast to the ladies of GE!

Until Saturday, March 8, International Women's Day - here is a free space for you to praise your favorite ladies who are involved in one way or another in the world of sGE!

Let me begin by singing the praises of RCM Hrin: our steadfast and devoted Regional Community Manager, who not only makes time in her perennially packed schedule to engage in YM conversations with her players from all over, but also monitors the forums on a daily basis, and is a great treasure trove of GE information to boot!

I would stop short of declaring my undying love for her, but hope this suffices: ♥
♥ ^^

Next, my dear buddy, chica, and best GE friend Anne DeSanggria, who keeps me honest at the same time she helps me squee my head off over the current hot eye-candy in GE. Thank you for your invaluable integrity and for your infallible common sense!

And I also want to say a big, big "Sarangheyo" to fellow females in the factions I've joined so far: in Cervantes, estrellante of ReBirth and MinistryOfLaw in WrathOfGod - thank you both for your being such kickass faction vice-leaders and overall wonderful ladies!


Open Comments Thread! Say something nice for the ladies of sGE in the comments! She can be of any server, or be among the staff, or be among your local publisher's people - she just has to be an actual, verified female!

Hope to hear from you here~


DeSanggria said...

a big hug & thanks to the ff. ladies:

RCM Hrin: thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community. please do know that we love you and appreciate your work. i hope you don't ever tire of the GE community & please continue your zealous efforts to bring us all together!

NineMoons: to my best sis in GE...i thoroughly enjoy our YM discussions and our plans of world domination (BOHAHAHAA!). thank you for making my hours at work more bearable, as well as for your efforts to mobilize the PH community. i hope you write more GE fanfics because i really enjoy reading your works (hint hint: gawa ka ng selva x edward backstory bwahahaa!!!). looking forward sa post-FFA shebang natin with the rest of our troops! XD

Sigrid: bruha, update your blog now na! hahaha! seriously, thanks as well for being a good friend and a GE blogger. let's continue our efforts for the community! :)

my lady factionmates in Outcasts (bonsua, OliveOyl, Riyoko): ang gaganda natin!! hahahaha! itayo ang bandera ng OC!!

my sister in Caravaggio, Pleaides: iris, i hope you get to read this: I MISS YOU GUYS!!! thank you for all the fun times we had suaning our leader and the gays in our faction lol. thank you for being such a good friend and for being there when i was down in the dumps. i hope i get to visit you guys in SG soon (must save on money wor XD)! let's have kopi whe i visit ok? ^_^

Lady 'K said...

Ninemoons my dear,

If i were to force myselff to update my blog now, i wouldn't have anything to say at all so i might copy your topics lang if i do! hahaha! :D

Thanks for remembering me and happy womens month to us! Don't lose the beauty and intelligence empowered to us! hehehehe! :D