Sunday, April 20, 2008


[Look, rare use of the ALL CAPS post title!]

So, yeah, unfortunately I've come down with the chicken pox. So no Granado Espada for now, and most certainly no new posts for now. I'll go back to updating the blog once I'm not so contagious any more.

Damn I feel worse now. Looks like the pox is part of the New World too.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...:( I hope you'll recover soon. Please don't stop blogging...I plan to read all your posts from March last year and look forward to your new post. Learn so much about GE from you.

Take care and rest well but don't stop blogging. B)

Cheers, Rushour

Nine Moons said...

@ rushour

thank you so much for your kind comment. i hope to be back with new entries and a contest very soon.

i also hope you enjoy going through this blog's archives ^^

Joel said...

Awww, PJ, get well soon. :(

Nine Moons said...

@ joel

hi, thanks ^^

"the gentle giant" says hi.

i feel rotten that i'll be missing iBlog 4, and JUST when things were going to get interesting.