Thursday, April 17, 2008

[Fanfic] Granado Espada Third Civilization: A letter from the haunted town

[This fanfic was inspired by the videos of Granado Espada Third Civilization. There are some images and videos in this recent blog post.]

This letter was found in a building overlooking both the plaza of the Abandoned Settlement and the Temple complex just outside the town gates.

There were bloodstains on the floor of the room where the letter was found, and an overturned ink bottle fanned out its dark contents in a corner, as if the bottle had been flung there.

No trace remained of the unknown pioneer who wrote the letter.


Dear Mother,

My memories of home have long faded. All I can remember now is your face. I cannot even remember when it was that I first came to this settlement. All I can remember now is that it took us a week to sail from the Base Camp in Ustiur to arrive here.

I vaguely remember finding out the name of this town - but I can no longer remember the name.

The few of us still left all have expressions of great confusion on our faces. Every day it gets harder to remember who we are. Every day it gets harder to remember that we cannot go into the temples. Every day it gets harder to remember that we must fight the monsters that besiege the town from the temples.

Every day the temples call to us, and the song becomes more and more irresistible by the day.

Mother, the lines on the ground are coming to life.

Mother, please remember me, even when I cannot any longer remember you.


The pioneer who wrote this letter left no signature or trace except, it is presumed, the blood in the room where this letter was found.

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