Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Granado Espada Version 3.0 Madness~! [Media mash-up ahoy!]

With this thread in the forums leading the charge, lots of people are now beginning to talk about Version 3.0 of Granado Espada, tentatively labeled Third Civilization by RCM Hrin [and IMC, duh~ ^^] in this blog post.

[That name for the update reminds me of playing my way through
Sid Meier's Civilization IV....]

Without further ado, feast your eyes on these pieces of the Third Civilization. This is what we've got to look forward to....

A documentary-type short film in which Kim Hakkyu and the folks at IMC's Research and Development discuss Third Civilization and what wonders it holds.

[Um, yeah, it's in Korean. Translations are quite welcome!]

An eerie, abandoned town. Mayan or Incan-type temples and architecture. Designs on the terrain and monster designs that look like they might be close kin of the Nazca Lines in Peru, South America. A third currency, called the
Feso. Cute pets, also under MCC! Socketing RNPC Clare in action!

DJ3 [Comique Family] posts concept art of the new armors and pets in posts 65 and 69. The pictures are originally from the GE fan site.

GE v3.0 stocks
Concept art for new armors for the stock characters.

The male wizard and musketeer are YUMMY, and even the male elementalist actually gets to wear something that SUITS him! The male scout seems to be getting even more daring, and hey, why is the male fighter so very covered up?

As for the ladies, I LOVE the fighter, the musketeer and the wizard's costumes!

EDITED TO ADD: From Fiksdotter's own blog post about Third Civilization comes a short video showing actual renders of some of the hot armor in the art above. Muchas gracias, boss.

Still in Korean, but you'll be too busy looking at the renders ^^

And new in Third Civilization: PETS!

GE v3.0 pet01
Grabber Lady - a female bunny-type pet.

GE v3.0 pet02
Grabber - apparently the male counterpart of Grabber Lady.

GE v3.0 pet03
Pixy, a scarecrow-type pet.

From the video and these concept art designs, it looks like the Grabber and the Grabber Lady could be looter-type pets, while Pixy looks like it might be capable of either buffing teammates, or de-buffing enemies, or even both.

I can't wait for this!


filsimmer said...

This... is something to look forward to! Looks like I have to prepare my pockets for my future Grabber to do his part!

I'll have to keep progressing in this game. I can see great things in the next two years! :D

Nine Moons said...

@ filsimmer

i predict a sudden influx of pets as soon as they get implemented!

i'd like to see what IAHGames will make of the new game features being implemented in this major update. we must keep our eyes peeled for new developments as they occur.