Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RCM Hrin's photo mosaic - now it can be told ^^

Inspired by RCM Hrin's blog post about Dom1nation II.


A story from the week before Dom1nation II.

I'm not ashamed to admit that as soon as I heard a whiff that RCM Hrin would be gracing us with her presence once again during Dom1nation II, I got very, very excited - and so did my friends as soon as they heard the news as well.

So we decided to put together a gift for her, something to take back to her office with her as a token of appreciation from the GE PH bloggers.

We'd initially thought of sending her a boxful of mangoes, and realized, crap, how's that for letting her lug a kilo or two of fruit through customs and all that? We also thought of making her a soundtrack CD with the songs from all versions of Not Another Love Story, except, whoa, Singapore has stringent rules on stuff like that, right?

So we were all running out of ideas and then someone said
photo mosaic.

And it was a BRILLIANT idea, and so we moved to put it quickly into action. I volunteered to do all the work of putting it together: collecting all the photos, finding someone to do the mosaic for us, having the mosaic made, buying the frame, wrapping the gift, et cetera.

I'm sure that Hrin was pretty mystified when I suddenly asked her for a nice picture of her, and got this for a reply. This is pretty familiar to you as her forums avatar.

We planned to use our pictures as the mosaic tiles to create
this photo mosaic image.


I'd say we succeeded, wouldn't you?

So happy you liked the gift, Hrin ^^ And thank you so much for all the praise you heaped upon us. We're very grateful.

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