Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why not a Granado Espada one?

Everyone on the Internet has done a version of this video for their favorite show! And all they needed was some applicable fan art!

Why can't we have Grace Bernelli and Andre Janzur doing this dance?

[Or a female elementalist and a male wizard? Or Claude Baudez and Grandice? Or Jack, Diego, AND Angie? Or Feng Ling? ... This list could go on and on.]

...Before anyone challenges me: ask Fiksdotter, or Artaxerxes. They've seen me actually PERFORM the Caramelldansen.


Mikee Stiles said...

I was thinking about the same thing. Why not the real GE community too =))

Nine Moons said...

@ mikee stiles

in the forums, the poster named "sinacy" has a VERY NICE Grace Bernelli caramelldansesn. she's so cute OMGWTF ^^

as for real-life GE caramelldansen? weren't there in the line for Dom1nation II ^^ because i was performing it for the gang ^^ :P you missed the show LOL.