Monday, May 19, 2008

The crusade continues: Forum Wars

So there was this forum thread I started at the official seaGE forums in order to talk about the sudden surge in frustration in the PH community regarding the availability of GVCs in the country.

[Not that we needed any more reasons to tear our hair out, of course: bugged servers, screwed Colony Wars, log-in rigmaroles, countless bugs in the system - what happened, did the servers get infested by alien insects???]

TEN PAGES of PLAYERS telling the community that there are PROBLEMS. Big damn problems.

So where are the folks from IP e-Games? I happen to know for a fact that Veya goes on the forums every day. But she will NEVER NEVER NEVER respond to that thread.

Now it's up to the community. Active players, let's do something about this.



There is a troll in the thread. My motives for blogging and for playing seaGE have been questioned with malicious intent. The thread has sprouted a malign tumor in the form of a long-winded poster - who unfortunately has nothing better to do than think I am doing all this for self-serving motives.

I do not hold with feeding trolls, so just go look up the thread yourselves. If you want to continue the calm and reasoned discussion, go ahead and post to that thread, please. Caveat emptor in that no one from e-Games is likely to ever show up in that thread to respond.


Anonymous said...

Link please (to the forum).

Personally, I think it's Murphy's Law rearing its ugly head down at their datacenter/server farm/whatchamacallit. Either that or gremlins took over their maintenance. :P

Nine Moons said...

@ anonymous

the forum link is

it's down as i type, though.

Anonymous said...

It's already closed by Rinkaru...


With just one request of Lucien (Deniva)

even more sweetier