Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Server Party seems to have turned into a Server Nightmare...

So, right, they announced there would be something called the Server Party today: a planned 12-hour maintenance. IAHGames gave no reasons, either for the reason why there was a Server Party laid on, or for why it was scheduled for a Tuesday.

Along with the Server Party, they scheduled a maintenance of the Official Forums and of the Passport System.

The Server Party was extended for another hour, and we thought, okay, still wanna party eh?

And now comes THIS announcement: Maintenance extended until 2200 Singapore time.

Yep, I was right. Giant alien bugs. Or perhaps that's Rafflesia all over the servers, and she brought armies and armies of Hornets to screw with the game systems.

A commenter in that last post jokes about Murphy's Law and / or gremlins bugging up the infrastructure. I'm beginning to think he's VERY right.

EDIT: Server Maintenance continues until 0800 on 21 May.

Now is the time to say that compensation is due to everyone for this. I hope IAH is listening.


In other, more shocking news, read this and weep:

Reimaru / Blacksword: Is it a sign?

Short version: IP e-Games player caught saying "GE is dead" to a GE player.

This just goes to show you that IP e-Games either really has such a low regard for seaGE, or allows its players to mouth off at random, which is the same thing really. SHAME ON YOU, anonymous employee. Thanks a LOT for your relevant comment. Retard.

[In this case, I bend my rule on watching my own language on this blog. That really IS the best word I can come up with to describe this person's shocking behavior.]

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