Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess I can't play today, either.

The now-doomed server party: not just server maintenance, but prepping for Version 2.6?

Just as I suspected all along.

Except that this would actually be GOOD NEWS if it weren't for the fact that the maintenance has gone on, and on, and on, and bloody ON.

The maintenance has been extended till 4pm Singapore time today. Nth extension for the nth time. Any bets on whether that maintenance will get extended AGAIN?

I'm NOT betting. The Murphy's Law voice in my head says it ain't over till it's over, and only Ferruccio Espada knows when that will be.

This post by remynew in the forums has taken the words out of my mouth: we currently don't need distractions, we currently badly need explanations and patch notes and all the reasons why the maintenance has taken forever. We also need compensation for all the premium items that were activated and are now being frittered away uselessly.

It's not about saving face anymore for IAH: they should think about saving the game from itself and all of its enemies.

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