Thursday, May 22, 2008

MMOtaku clobbers me with a tag again - thanks ^^

Some time ago I found out about this Tag! Gamers are It. meme from Aiza of I thought it might be interesting to join, since it was supposed to be open for everyone to participate.

And then Real Life in the form of the chicken pox hit me, and I clean forgot all about it - until Joel a/k/a the MMOtaku hit me with it.

So, here we go: NineMoons takes on a new gamer's meme.

Name and Job/s (if you want to share it) - PJ a/k/a NineMoons. IT Consultant, Editor and Writer for, the Philippines's first online community newspaper. Girl gamer and blogger, geekette, and trivia hound.

You’re currently playing? - the Southeast Asia / Australia & New Zealand version of MMORPG Granado Espada, to the point of addiction. I play lots and lots of Solitaire when I want to waste time at work. And I LOVE Text Twist, Hangaroo, and Bookworm!

Favorite game genre/s - role-playing games, trivia games, word games.

Favorite game/s of all time
- this is SO going to date me, but the list includes Jeopardy!, Tetris, Pinball, the above-mentioned word games, Neverwinter Nights 1, and Granado Espada of course.

Favorite game character/s
- Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Plumbers with mushroom addictions FTW!

Earliest and fondest memory of gaming? - Lots of early memories here. Holding down the Down arrow on the B controller of our Famicom so my brother could do the immortal thing in Mega Man. Trying to beat my mom at Tetris. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start. Double Dragon and Ninja Gaiden. Watching my brother as he attempted to defeat Super Mario 3.

Fondest? Lots to choose from as well, but my current favorites:
Finishing Neverwinter Nights 1 - two years after I started it. (Not my fault my computer crashed during the first go-round, discouraging me so badly I couldn't face the game again for a whole year.) Beating my BF in successive matches the very first time I played both Tekken 4 and one of the Naruto fighting games. (Christine, Panda, and Hyuga Neji + button-mashing FTW.) Being accepted into the Closed Beta for Granado Espada - and playing it non-stop ever since.

Most hated gaming moment/s? - Neverwinter Nights 1 crashing. I mourned that for months.

Gaming gadgets/consoles you own/owned - Family Computer, the original Gameboy, PS2. Mostly I'm a PC player.

If you had a “gamer’s shirt” what would the color and design be? (or if you have a favorite gamer shirt, what does it look like?) - Black baby tee saying "Girl Gamers: Kicking Ass Since Tetris"

Gaming stuff on your wish list?
- Wii, Nintendo DS, any laptop that exceeds the recommended specs for Granado Espada, and an unlimited cable internet connection.


I tag:

seaGE RCM Hrin
Reimaru / Blacksword
Caroline of Draw Write Play


Aiza said...

Jeopardy! FTW indeed. Oh my, I've forgotten about that.

Kicking ass since tetris? LOL. Nice one!

Nine Moons said...

@ aiza

just goes to show where my gamer roots come from ^^ hope you enjoyed my answers. thanks for the lovely meme!