Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's maintenance! Here's a game for you to play ^^

This game is guaranteed Safe for Work - but don't look at me if you get addicted!

Ever played the game Hangman as a kid? You had X number of chances to correctly guess a phrase, name, object, or whatever before the poor about-to-be-hanged guy got the drop.

A new version, called Hangaroo [click to go to the official site], burst onto the net quite a few years ago, and now the new version's come out. It's free and it's safe for work, and it's challenging out the wazoo - and not just because the kangaroo, who replaces the man-about-to-be-hanged, insults you for your wrong guesses!

So what is Hangaroo doing on a Granado Espada blog? Simple: the new version of Hangaroo now allows people to create custom games.

Enter: Project Granado Espada Hangaroo!

Watch out for this ALL NEW GE-based Flash game to be hitting this blog very soon!

[In the meantime, try counting the ways in which the Hangaroo escapes - or not!]


Manny said...

Count me in on your HangARoo GE Project! :D Seeing the new version wants me to make custom phrases/answers as well! I'll let you know when I come up some stuff, okay?

Nine Moons said...

@ manny

my thanks. email me whatever you have.