Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Version 2.6 news...?

I know, we've been on a kick about the presence / absence of Version 2.6 for a while now. Count me among those who were quite disappointed when the Server Party crashed and burned the way it did, and when 12 June came and went with Version 2.6 turning to bupkis.

Now, this announcement from IAHGames is making me wish I could go to their sponsored cybercafe just once.

Exclusive Trip to Chaos Requiem @ IAHGames Cybercafe: 21 June 2008 onwards!

I mean, I already know someone in the PH who has a test server account. I envy these people the chance to see the new everything in Version 2.6.

Not to mention, WTF, so they're pushing back the release of the patch a whole 'nother month [July 2008 is mentioned in the news article]. I'm not even sure I should get my hopes up. All I can do is wish that the patch goes live on the real servers before I celebrate my birthday in September.

On a side note: the article talks about GE, but the map posted with it is emblazoned with Hellgate: London. Kweh?

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