Sunday, June 22, 2008

On the leveling trail

Tonight's Colony Wars: rather a non-starter, I'm afraid, despite faction leader Fiksdotter's best efforts.

So have some screenies while I'm grinding:

NineMoons on Carracci:
Furyk, full-support scout [maxed First Aid / Fortitudo]

Radhanon, grounded wizard [maxed Psychokinesis / ESP / The Illusionist]
Shandre, twin-pistols Grace Bernelli [maxed Double-Gun Shot]

After getting several levels in at the Rion Hollow [special thanks to the FilouetCompany family for the boost], I'm now en route to Prison de Joaquin, to do the Grace Bernelli round of Pioneering Quests, plus finish up the pending tasks for Jean-Pierre Gascon. [Will likely do the Andre Cockatrice quest after 76, go figure.]

Have been trying to get in at least a level a day thanks to one of my Combat Manuals. Current goal: make 76 and then 84. Hope the EQ I have now will be helpful in that aspect.

I especially cannot wait to make 84, as I've made a considerable investment towards that level. If needs be, I'll stay up all night for the next month just to make Vet.

[I'll still be blogging, though! Fear not!]

Today's outstanding GE / SOTNW link: Check out Granado Espada Cosplay Toronto! They're a SOTNW cosplay group who intend to take the 2009 cosplay / con season by storm by dressing up in the various gorgeous costumes / armors of the New World. And they intend to begin with the Le Blanc series, plus the White School Uniform series! Serious pretty here, people!

Am posting this blog to my links!

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