Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stompin' Rero

Takhisis Faction instant boss raid: just add one (1) Gerero!

So there we were in TK around midnight, happily leveling, when deputy faction leader Lecat began bopping around several fairly well-known maps, looking for trouble. As it turns out, trouble found him: Gerero in Gehenna Bridge, Channel 2!

I'd never even seen "Rero", the boss's nickname, before, so on a whim, I rushed to join Lecat and AlphaOmega there, and this is what we all got dropped into:



We were eventually joined by Mitchin, making for four families whacking at Rero. That meant we took a little while doing it, but in the end - it was done and ding dong the boss is dead! No one else was on the scene at that time, so all the spoils went to TK ^^

Great job TK! Let's do that again soon!


DeSanggria said...

awww...i was already sound asleep that time. T_T

hayz..i'm fairly missing a lot of late night raids..

good job to TK though. i heard you took on diablo and vergo too. w000t!

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

sayang nga that you weren't able to join us for this raid. anyway, it was an impulsive thing [for me at least].

chalk all the raids up to Lecat! he's so masipag in looking for the bosses! just before this raid, he and Mitchin had also attempted to join a Vergo raid - ask Lecat what his drop was, yes he got a sweet drop ^^

hopefully we can keep doing this! i just hope that Lecat will not lose his drive for more raids ^^ he's a great DFL.