Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now, THAT'S living Granado Espada: Korean clay art

I was going to include this in the Today's random notes entry, but I couldn't resist spotlighting them on their own, as they're just so pretty!

Brace yourselves for extreme Granado Espada CUTE!

GEChibis Gavin+Scout
Gavin and a male scout [in Oiled Body, no less!] have a tea party!

GEChibis 3Cathys+Gavin+Scout+Clare+Bear
Catherines x 3 chilling, Gavin and the scout noshing, and Clare riding her Bearwalker!

GEChibis Clare+Bear01
Clare and her Bearwalker, up close and personal.

GEChibis Clare+Bear02
Clare and her Bearwalker, from the back this time.

GEChibis VincenteRio
Vincente Rio makes some cute music.

GEChibis Soho
Soho: gone fishin'!

Hungry hungry Gracielo!

Gracielo has SOMETHING on the brain for sure.

Do I hear an idea for GE merch? Plushies! We wish for plushies

[Thanks to DeSanggria for the heads-up.

...and now NineMoons ded of kyoot.]

Gavin, male scout, Catherine x 3, Clare + Bear
Clare + Bear, take two
Vincente Rio, Soho
Gracielo and his LIZARD


DeSanggria said...

i wan the gavin and soho clay sculpeys liao! :3

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

then i will have the three catherines ^^ that costume really suits her in chibi mode, doesn't it?

DeSanggria said...

she is cute! the expressions are priceless. hehe.

Nine Moons said...

@ desanggria

the expressions are probably the biggest reason we find these chibis irresistible ^^

deEspania said...


Now that is sooooo cute wahahahaha

like it like it...making a nice shape like that needs patience and they are really hard to make lol xD

Can't even make those that can stand up without them falling afterwards >___<"

Nine Moons said...

@ deespania

i agree, they must be using specific types of clay or whatever material these chibi sculpts are made of - or they're just pros at shaping and balancing, leaving us all agape at the cute and envious of their ability hahaha.